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Portable Water Air Conditioner

Portable Water Air Conditioner

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Discover the latest in personal cooling with our portable air conditioner, which uses advanced atomization cooling technology. This device transforms water into ultra-fine water molecules, emitting cool, air-conditioned air that doesn't overly dry out your skin. With the option to add ice cubes and essential oils, this unique product delivers a refreshing breeze unlike any other.

Operating it is a breeze: simply fill the water tank, connect the device to a USB source like your computer or mobile power bank, and instantly enjoy cool air. Featuring a sleek, ivory white design that effortlessly fits into any space, touchscreen controls, and two fan speeds for customizable comfort. With an impressive battery life ranging from 1 to 6 hours depending on the setting, and a powerful yet efficient 25W motor, this air cooler is the perfect addition to your personal space.

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